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My late surrender to the blogosphere marks my escape from nihilism, apathy and general brain-fag, on board the plane of immanence, in search of a generative activism in a networked world. FuturePresent Blog is both an attempt to generate a metadiscussion about the possibilities for activism through networked media and a test site for my own activism online. It's an experimental space: it's primary purpose is to test out the potential irrelevance of my mediations, my own hypocrisy and my contempt for the more sanctimonious factions of activism.

Yet, exploring the possibilities for activism online does not preclude that the way forward is not the ‘refusenik's’. Through the timespan of the blog, my relationship to networked technology and culture has evolved. An early advocate of free, participatory online culture, I've recently felt dissatisfied with, disillusioned by, the constant techno-babble of us technocrats, in our social networking ecoverses. Do we really benefit from being networked together 24/7 at a speed that refigures conceptions of space and time? What of the hunger for the up-to-the-nanosecond newest gadgets and apps? What of the international technological divide? Must we all fall to the pressure to aspire to technological advancement? My enthusiasm for techno-activism (of the value of online networks for activist purposes) has been tempered by an increasing interest in techno-environmentalism. Several texts have helped me re-think my relationship with technology recently, none more so than Miller's critique of e-waste and defense of techno-recycling, in Ecological Ethics and Media Technology (2008).

Two posts will clarify the objectives of FuturePresent blog further:

Read the context from which FuturePresent blog evolved: 'QUIT STARING AT MY NAVEL' v3.0

Read about my changing relationship to technology and online activism: RETHINKING MY ECO-ETHICS



As an advocate of free network culture, my work fuses critical media practice and theory. It stems from an intrigue in the relationships between spacetime, genealogy, geopolitics, environmentalism, networked and locative media, activism and participation, cognition, performance and cultural narratives.

In May 2011, I resigned as a Senior Lecturer in Interactive Media at The Media School, Bournemouth University, UK. I worked in Higher Education for 13 years. I have been Director of FuturePresent throughout this time. Originally a non-commercial, educational organisation in interactive media, FuturePresent has recently mutated into a creative media studio specialising in branding, web and print design, consultancy, photography.

Beyond my professional life, I try to immerse myself in as much music and photography as possible, wherever I roam.

I (im)balance this with motherhood. My favourite personal pastime: immersing myself in my children’s magical realism and that of some adults. My all-time favourite magical realists: Murakami, Atwood, Bulgakov, and my close friends, bad_gary, and Luca Ponzetti. My daughter, Kaia, 15, is a long-term fan of the net. Kaia's use of technology extends to social networking on Bebo, expanding her musical horizons through iPod/iTunes/BitTorrent/spotify, sharing her photography on flickr and reading and writing teen-fiction. My son, Lucas, 8, is a DS, ClubPenguin, CBBC, Doctor Who and Lego geek, online and offline.

We balance this media immersion by getting out in the company of good friends to the countryside, the forest and the coast as often as possible. We've been dabbling in domestic farming over the last two years.


Cláudia Gabriela Marques Vieira

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